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© Yoshua Okón

Yoshua Okón

The preoccupation with documentary forms as a means of exploring the unstable relationship between fact and fiction has been a staple of recent artistic production by Mexican artist Yoshua Okon. Since the late 1990s, he has been developing his own variation on these themes. Okon considers himself a performance artist, even though most of his work takes the form of videos that document invented scenarios set up in collaboration with invited participants.

Okon’s concepts focus on the gap between countries or individuals and the unjust exploitation of globalization and neo-liberalism. In our collaboration, we considered problems in Japanese society. Students produced and exhibited video projects using his thoughts and the theme of his work.

First Date: 14th to 23rd October, 2014
Venue: Kurashiki University of Science and the Arts

Second Date: 28th November to 24th December, 2014
Venue: Kake Museum of Art, Kurashiki

I wish to thank Yoshua Okon for kindly agreeing to this exhibition, the cooperation of Mr. Osaka as curator, and the additional assistance of Associate Professor Maruta, our officer Mr. Saito, and Kake Museum of Art.